Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday Spill

Shirt: J. Crew Factory, Jeans: J. Crew Toothpick in Huron Wash, Necklaces: Kate Spade via eBay and J. Crew Factory (on sale plus 30% off!), Shoes: Target

I wish I could say that this outfit was a stroke of creative genius...but not the case.  My Saturday started off in a pair of adorable coral J. Crew skinny jeans, which fell victim to my morning coffee.  Probably for the best....if they had gotten by my morning coffee, they probably would have been hit by my salad dressing at lunch.  So....dark denim it was.  A very comfy outfit for running around and doing errands in the rain.  

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Your necklace is adorbs! You really pulled off the denim on denim look—I need to try that very soon!

    Colour Me Classic

  2. Thanks Haley, and thanks for reading!