Sunday, May 27, 2012

Trial and Error

Today's post is to highlight a blazer I recently purchased at Banana Republic.  It seems to have sold out quickly, and I don't think it was ever available online.  It is comparable to the blazers sold at J. Crew, but for a fraction of the price.  I was hoping to get this on sale, but when I saw how quickly they were selling out I didn't want to risk it.

I'm really loving the look I came out with - I paired it with my new white trouser jeans, a lace top, and nude heels.  Instead chic.  I was going for a look that "didn't look like I was trying too hard", but as you will see that's not at all the case.  

What I'm Wearing
Banana Republic Coral Blazer: $130
Talbots Lace Top: $39
Gap Long and Lean Jeans: $49 on sale
Calvin Klein Nude Heels: $89
J. Crew Starry Nights Locket Necklace
Banana Republic Necklace

Before I wore this for the first time, I wanted to see how other's had worn it.  Below are a few inspiration photo's I found.

A shot of some of the crew from Banana Republic - via Banana Republic's Twitter Page
I'm loving the second girl in line - definitely want to try this blazer over a light orange tee with white boyfriend jeans.

Here's my favorite of all three - this is from the first fashion blog I ever started reading, J's Everyday Fashion.  I'm loving both looks, and this is when I knew I wanted to wear this blazer with white --  J's Everyday Fashion

Loving the in depth comparison over at Fast Food and Fast Fashion, comparing the BR blazer to those offered at J. Crew.  I have a mustard pencil skirt from J. Crew, and never would have thought of piecing these together!

Sooo - here's for all of my fails before finally getting it right.  The first time I wore the blazer, I wore it with khaki capri's, my Tory Burch flats, and a white v-neck tee.  I felt very masculine, and didn't like the look at all.  When wearing a blazer, or any menswear inspired pieces, it's important you balance your look with softer, more feminine pieces.

That night, I had class and decided to change into a flowy top, white skinny jeans, and heels.  I felt much better.  But it still didn't seem quite right for work.  I'm very comfortable wearing white pants to work, but skinny white jeans leave me feeling  a bit too exposed.

Which look do you like the best?  I have a feeling I'll be experimenting with this jacket a lot more!!

This will be my next experiment - how cut is this?  From

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  1. love the outfit and can't wait to see your take recreation :)