Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Polished in Pink

I love this image I saw on the Banana Republic website.  I think this is the epitome of polished.  I took some very old items in my closet and recreated a brand new look!  

I started off with a belt that was more similar to the inspiration photo, but ended up wearing another Banana Republic belt I had that was thicker and more of a bendable, basket-weave pattern. I liked the second look better - which do you prefer?

What I'm Wearing
Pink Collared Shirt: Gap - very old
White Pencil Skirt: Christian Dior via eBay - $100
Belt: Banana Republic - very old
Shoes: Calvin Klein - $89


  1. What a terrific look and you matches your inspiration photo spot on!

  2. Thanks Skylette - Not sure how you find my blog, but I have to tell you that your's is one of my favorites! You are one of the people who inspired me to try to do one of my own. Hope you keep reading and have a wonderful long weekend!